Award Winning PGA Golf Professional




"Gary, I would like to say how happy I was with your response to my mid-season report.... thanks again for putting the light on, I have been walking around in the dark for a while! Everything you're doing and saying is great, just keep the emails coming. All the questions you ask are great as they keep reminding me to work on my strengths because these are what make the money and, of course, to work on the weaknesses but bit by bit"

Steve Tiley, European Tour Professional Golfer



"Gary has been my coach for the last 3 years, during which time he has had a huge influence on my improvement in all areas of my game. My understanding of how to get the most out of my practice is far greater and, as a consequence my stroke average has been 1.5 shots a round better this season. I would recommend any golfer to have a dedicated programme of lessons with Gary"

Max Brackley, Europro, Jamega, Alps Tour Professional Golfer


"After virtually giving up the game for the past 15 years due to my game deteriorating to such an extent and losing all enjoyment from it, there is probably no better testimonial that I could pay to Gary than my recent text to a family member - “I can’t tell you how happy I am to have been given the ability to hit the ball like I can now by my coach. Gary has given me back the game I love and it has opened up a whole new life again for me"

Jez Walsh


"I've experienced a massive difference in my ball striking ability. Lots more strokes coming off the sweet spot and consequently more stableford points"

David Wellard


"Just wanted to say thanks for today. I genuinely think that was the most informative lesson I have ever had...Thanks again and I feel very positive about progressing further than before"

Andrew Wall, The Landscape Practice, Folkestone


"Taking up the sport later in life purely as an enjoyable hobby I came across Gary's poster in the Sittingbourne Golf Range. Feeling a bit dejected with how I'd hit my latest bucket of balls I thought I'd give him a call. After just a few lessons, with Gary going back to the basics with me and coaching me to calculate a swing that totally suits ME and not thousands of others that might have read the same coaching tips as me, I feel much more confident in my ability going into the spring. If I hadn’t have found Gary I’m sure my mis-understood frustrations with learning the game would have continued"

Gary Hopper, 58, Teynham, Kent


"Having had golf lessons with Gary now for the past couple of years, I found his coaching & tuition very knowledgeable and enjoyable. Gary has helped my game develop, and I cannot thank him enough for all the advice he has given me, be it on technical level or the mental side of the game. I am prepared to work hard on my game, and Gary ensures I put that hard work into good practice"

Neville Hemmings, Broome Park Golf Club Member, Handicap 15


"My three grandchildren have been lucky enough to be coached by Gary. Encouraged by their

grandmother they all started golf aged five. Gary coached them every Saturday for one hour and I watched a bond developing between them and their coach. Gary had endless patience with them, and also made the hour great fun. It was good to watch them not only improve so much but also grow in confidence. They are all teenagers now and enjoying their golf - how fortunate they were to have a coach like Gary​"

Jane Silcock, North Foreland Golf Club Member